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To ALL UK Public you must sign one of the forms below to safeguard your medical privacy


Go to the Opt Out web site and read the full story

Print out one of the forms and sign it including any dependents & give it to your GP

Then tell your MP to get this badly thought out part of NHS Reforms taken out due to POTENTIAL Data Protection issues on privacy.

Forms - Print out 1 type

Web site with further information​

Don't forget as a family or single parent your Children's information needs protecting too so sign for them and any other dependent adults in your home under your GP surgery.


If you are elderly or don't have the ability to print at home then go to your local Library and use their Computer facility.

Write down the information above and ask them to get you a print out from this site or the one mentioned on this page.

They may charge you for the printout but once you have it fill it in and give it to your GP

It will stop your information being used without your say so.

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