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Covid-19 Rapid Response

A new area of the MBJ Solutions Home system to support families.

Operation 'Ring of Steel'

This service is aimed at Nursing, Care and Residential Homes in UK

MBJ Solutions Home now has the ability to connect the above homes with direct access to Covid-19 NHS Testing at speed. 

Please contact us for further help to create a 'Ring of Steel' around UK Nursing, Care and Residential Homes


For help with FREE NHS Covid-19 Testing services contact us at

We can also help any Company that needs #Covid-19 Private testing for their staff. This will not stop NHS testing and may well allow for more funding for new equipment to be purchased to expand NHS testing capability at our partners testing centre.

 For help with Private Covid-19 Testing services contact us at

Please note : NHS Covid-19 Testing will always take priority over Private testing

The Elderly citizens of the UK are also the people who put the GREAT in Great Britain after WW2.

NOW it is OUR job to protect THEM by TESTING for Covid-19

See below for a fuller description of the MBJ Solutions Home philosophy on 

Covid-19 Rapid Response Test, Track and Trace.

Covid-19 Rapid Response Concept




This area of of our web site has been created in reaction to the way in which the UK Government have introduced testing and we want to undertake a role in looking after our vulnerable citizens. 


The vulnerable with regard to Covid-19 in this Rapid Response concept are made up of those people in a residential setting. It has now been noted in National & International press and Social Media that they are the forgotten people in the UK. 


Due to the way personal home assistance is run and it's diversity we will not be able to help in that environment without substantial back up due to the intense nature of the testing needed.


We do believe the GP system would be best placed to deal with Test, Track and Trace in this area in conjunction with the home help network.


It is felt by MBJ Solutions Home that as part of OUR overall role of helping families and fighting for the rights of others that we must assist the people mentioned above. 



We also call on anyone who feels they can help to contact us so we can work together to help the Nursing, Care and Residential Home community safeguard our vulnerable no matter if it is a council or privately run home they live in. 


At present we can help with the assistance to gaining direct NHS Testing, then the Track and Trace area after positive results from tests. We don't have any partners in PPE or other products but will pass on partnerships information to homes if people wish to assist us in this endeavour.


We are starting specifically with the Nursing, Care and Residential homes. This will be a bench-marking move to help both state and privately run premises to return to a safe and secure environment without Covid-19 within their walls. Therefore creating a 'Ring of Steel' around the Homes


These are OUR observations and OUR attempt to help eradicate #Covid-19 from the residential setting and that is what we will assist with. The concept below is NOT prescriptive but we hope it is a way that can be followed or developed once the NHS certified tests are used and results given back to those tested and their employer within 48hrs.


The stages to assist effected sites will be, Test all people on site, identify infected staff and residents, isolate staff at their home and residents will be sent to hospital with positive results for medical assessment and therefore create a return to NO infection within the site. Then Track and Trace any contacts of people with positive Tests.



Once this is done then continual monitoring and testing of the site to avoid future infections has to be done. While the Track and Trace continues .


All Testing and medical treatment will be done via the Nursing, Care or Residential home Clinician or GP  and the NHS registered test centre we have partnered with. 


We believe this could be the way forward:


Discuss with the owners/management/council who run the site & identify what they need.


Establish clinical lead or GP to instigate tests.


Start testing site including ALL staff and residents with off work staff attending so ALL tests go to be checked at the same time.

All staff outside the premises,off work should self isolate unless on shift until the tests results are known.



Those staff with negative tests will then become the backbone of the site until their colleagues return.

Then if Positive test returned:


Once positive tests are found in staff they should be isolated at home with daily contact to make sure they are safe and when recovered return to work after a follow up negative test. If there is a worsening of the infection then the daily calls will find this out and immediate hospitalisation will happen.


Those residents who are given a positive result should be sent to hospital for evaluation and agreed diagnosis for further medical help. They should be retained in  hospital until they receive a negative test result. 


If the resident is, in their OWN opinion, unwilling to go to hospital then due to their OWN request they should be isolated on site if the Site allows for it. Only a small team of staff should be used to look after the resident and some form of breathing assistance should be supplied to make the residents situation as comfortable as possible within the bounds of the Sites medical capability. 

As mentioned this is about peoples personal wishes and this may be a paramount issue for some residents who may be of an age they may not want to leave their place of care but they will also need to be informed about the infectious nature of the virus and it's potential effect on other residents.


We would also say that even though the residents wishes and feelings are a major consideration in their care if the Site owners feel they want the resident to go to hospital that should take priority over the residents wishes.


It would be at all times in the best interests of the site that positive results lead to the employee or resident leaving the site to allow for NO Covid-19 infections on site. This should be the Site objective. 


Those residents or staff who immediately attend hospital will be kept in touch with Daily to make sure they know they are expected back at the site once better preferably via mobile phone with camera or other products so they can see people in the call.


Staff or residents should not be allowed back onto the site until registered with a negative test to safeguard the staff and residents left within the site.


Should any staff member or resident be ill enough to potentially pass away then all efforts should be made in partnership with the Hospital to have someone either family or from the home to be with them to the end.


This will include gaining any necessary Personal Protection Equipment ( #PPE ) to take that action. NO one associated to any home either staff or resident should ever feel alone once they are diagnosed with Covid-19. 


The track and Trace area of the process:


The Track and Trace area of the positive infections will be covered by a paper exercise with information supplied by all infected staff member or patients about their movements and interactions for the previous 2 weeks. This will obviously be more for staff than residents unless the resident entered the premises within the previous 2 weeks.


The Track and Trace action will then be undertaken via phone contact with our assistance or via the residency staff and site management.


Once a full list is gained from the infected staff member or resident then that contact sheet with the names and numbers of those having contact with the staff or resident who receive a positive result will be used to start the Track and Trace process. 


The contacts will be asked to attend a GP or registered test site to take a Covid-19 test to establish immediately if the have had the infection passed to them. They will have to self isolate for 48hrs after their Test until contacted with their results. If negative they will be told and then return to their previous situation. 


If positive the same process used for any staff member or resident will apply with the new contact forms being filled in. This will mean further contacts can be checked for infections. If it is a positive test they can be isolated or hospitalised in the same way as the other people with positive tests. 



This will also mean the residency will become, in it's area, a hub for Covid-19 Track and Trace either directly by contacting people through it's administration or with assistance from MBJ Solutions Home Covid-19 Rapid Response organisation.



The Track and Trace information once collated can be supplied electronically via spreadsheet to Public Health England and the NHS without personal details therefore not encroaching on anyone's GDPR rights.


MBJ Solutions Home believe the way forward as laid out above is an appropriate course of action to Test staff and residents and stop Sites continuing to be infected by Covid-19 and will allow for fast Track and Trace work. 


All of the above is OUR observation of what WE feel is needed NOW and we believe OUR new Covid-19 Rapid Response organisation will in time help others to create a 'Ring of Steel' around ALL residents and the staff caring for them in UK residential settings. 


All administration work and assistance will be done via a non-profit organisation being set up called Covid-19 R R & Testing. Set up to be transparent and to allow expansion away from the core areas of MBJ Solutions Home community work. 


Please read below additional points of interest relevant to #Covid-19

What Age UK are saying about care home testing

“This is a shocking and utterly heart breaking estimate that will send a chill down the spine of anyone with a loved one living in a care home. It emphasises just how crucial it is that the Government’s commitments on PPE and testing in care homes are implemented successfully and at speed. As we have feared for some time, what’s going on in care homes, not only here but in many other countries too, is a tragedy in the making. It’s too late to avert this entirely but there’s still time to make a positive difference and save many lives - of staff as well as older people. Central and local government and the care home sector must work together to make this happen. And later, possibly a lot later, we have to ensure this can never happen again.”

Caroline Abrahams, Charity Director at Age UK 


Right of Care

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Why we became involved in Nursing,  Care & Residential Home

Covid-19 testing 

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The importance of Test, Track and Trace with continual contact.

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Mistakes made over Care guidelines which vulnerable citizens need to know about

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Your legal rights over Do Not Resuscitate (DNR)

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The reason we will not use an app to supply Track and Trace information

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