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Financial Help and Services

We are currently helping people single, couples and families through these very testing financial times.

Remember whenever you find you have come to the end of being able to cope financially we are here to help and guide you through.

Unlike the many companies ripping people off who are vulnerable, we attempt to show you how to cope and in many cases fight your creditors for a better deal.

Never believe its over. Even in court cases you have the right to be heard and in many cases the court will look favorably on a legitimate attempt to deal with any debt even repossession.

Contact us by email for help and reassurance that you can put forward your own ideas and debt plans.

Never leave yourself open to financial manipulation at the hands of some debt management services.

It is your future and your right to control how it continues and we will help you all the way to the end of the problem.

We have recently had results in stopping payments to pay day loan firms and we are pushing forward with an attempt to push Wonga into a court room to make a payment structure based on a fixed repayment schedule possible rather than a rolling interest rate when someone can't pay the original loan any more.

There is a comment not widely know and that is

'Can't Pay- Won't Pay'

In this situation we don't advocate won't pay as that will get you into trouble if you have funds to repay the creditor/bank/loan company/pay day loan.

We DO advocate Can't pay. If you can't pay for whatever reason we will back you to pay the minimum amount until you are able to pay the correct amount. As has been mentioned before we will assist you if you can not pay 'ANY' money out and work with you to stop payments.

This can be done easily by stopping your debit card and requesting a new one which will automatically stop all payments from that card due to the changed 3 digit number on the back of the card.

The loan company using this system of payment can not take money from your account as they don' have the legal right to do so as that card will be null and void.

They will request another but you can indicate to pay an amount that will fit with your finances and via bank payment with deposit paperwork they will supply you.

This will give you the breathing space to work out what your future finances need to be.

If the finance company will not negotiate you have the right to wiat until they take you to court which will freeze the loan and then allow you to tell a Judge how bad things are and then get a suitable payment schedule that suits your budget not the finance company.

You have to stand your ground at one point to accept you made financial mistakes and wish to start again.


This will stop you gaining ANY future pay day loans but we feel taking this action although painful at first due to the damage to your credit rating it will stop the downward spiral into more debt.

We also cover Bankruptcy with partner companies and Statuary Barred Debt processes which are more specific to the person and we can discuss these with you if you contact us via e-mail.

If you ever feel that it is all too much and you feel suicide is the only way out 'STOP' it isn't WE are here to help and WE are on your side not the finance companies. Together we can deal with any problem you have.


Recent Successes against

Wonga debts cancelled

Payday loan firms costs repaid

Credit card companies selling debts


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