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Our people are among the most talented in the industry. It would be our pleasure to put our extensive experience to work for you.

Here are some comments from past friends we have helped

Pensioner Liverpool

Having bought a car from a local company under the illusion it was a Mobility Car on Finance the gentleman was then in an accident and the car was written off.

Due to this there was a deficit in the car value and he found out the car company had actually sold him a car on finance not Mobility finance.

The finance company then chased him for the money and he was taken to court and an order was placed against him and the finance company tried to take the house by instigating the debt order.

We became involved and requested the original order be set aside so the gentleman could state his case to the court.

The case was set aside and after we represented him in court due to his failing health the court accepted our request that the debt was accepted but due to his age the debt could not be continually chased by the company owed the money so a charge was made against his house and it would stay there until the gemntleman sold the property or died whichever happened soonest.

No more problems for the gentleman and the finance company had to accept their debt was frozen and is now seen as an asset by them not a debt.

Issue solved no solicitors involved.

Elderly couple Bidston. Wirral

This couple were in the Liverpool Daily Post and were weeks away from their dream house being knocked down due to the water board saying it should not have been built on the couples ample garden due to it being above a major water main.

We approached them and as they had been using a solicitor for 3 years they thought there was no way we could help them. Again their health had suffered and their solicitor had not done their job correctly.

We contacted the water board and utilising our network of professionals we established over the next 3 months that the water board were incorrect in their calculations on were their Large diameter piping was below the new house. It was further over to the left of the house.

They accepted our conclusions and our compromise of taking down a corner of the house, at the back, to accommodate a distance from the underground pipe to the end of the house allowing for any emergencies.

The solicitor had worked on the problem for 3 years and we had completed the work in 3 months to the water companies satisfaction and the couples amazement.

Hence to say the solicitors did not get paid as we also acted for the couple on that issue. The couple are still living there today as they finished off the building of it and moved in then sold their original house next door.

Issue solved no solicitors involved.

Elderly Lady St Helens

An Elderly Lady from St Helens was in the Liverpool Echo on 2 occasions indicating a plight over a loan which she undertook 11 years earlier.

The company in question wanted to repossess her home due to indicated arrears and took her to court which was reported. Luckily the Judge saw possible issues with the case and allowed a 3 month adjournment to deal with it outside of court. This was indicated in the next issue of the Echo and we approached the Echo to assist the Lady.

Once contacted the issues surrounding the case came to show certain anomalies not noticed by the loan company and over a short period of negotiation on the Ladies behalf we successfully lowered the expectations of the finance company which led to them cancelling their court application.

Due to work with a partner finance company who created a non repayment system to clear the finance companies remaining payment the Lady now has NO worries. Her home is now her home and she will never have the worries about repossession or worries she has had for the last 11 years paying a loan she should never have been given in the 1st place.

She should have had the system we have introduced from a reputable finance company.

The whole process from start to finish was completed in 3 months with no return to court

Issue solved no solicitors involved

We get to the cause of a problem and solve that we don't attack the problem on it's own.

We could help you.

Other biographies to follow

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